A collection of projects I have worked on recently.

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Consultation for re-platforming the company's SaaS to AWS, managing infrastructure with Terraform, and creating a new DevOps pipeline.


NetYield is a completely cloud-based accounting and inventory management solution designed specifically for seafood companies.

We worked together to strategize re-platforming their cloud-based software into a container-based highly-available cloud infrastructure at AWS.

I provided training for the engineering team on using Terraform to manage their cloud infrastructure, as well as performed weekly code-reviews on their progress. I also walked through the process of creating pipeline code (written in Ruby) to facilitate continuous integration with the new cloud infrastructure. I provided documentation and weekly meetings consisting of presentations and training on various aspects of the process, including good practices for managing their infrastructure as code (IaC), configuring their applications to work well in Docker, automating the build and testing of Docker images, and automating deployments to testing and production environments for continuous deployment.

I've watched Roy take two different companies into the cloud era, build out their CI/CD pipelines, and build developer tools. He is a deep well of knowledge on AWS, Terraform, and Docker.

After seeing his previous work, NetYield hired him to facilitate our AWS transition. We saw immediate results and would recommend him as an expert cloud developer!

- Lead Engineer at NetYield

Hunt Regs App

Containerization of Backend API, design and deployment of highly-available cloud infrastructure, and implementation of DevOps practices into company's processes.


Hunt Regs, the first mobile app that enables hunters to quickly determine the regulations for their specific hunting location, as well as pattern individual animals using their own observational data.

I helped this startup setup their backend infrastructure to scale and support their recently launched mobile application. I re-platformed the backend APIs from a single server into a highly-available docker based cloud infrastructure. I implemented continuous integration and continuous deployment by creating an automated pipeline to build, test, and deploy the backend API services, and by teaching through doing to think like DevOps and integrate early and often. Aside from the ops work I also introduced new features and fixed performance issues to the Ruby on Rails code base.

Blackbird Logistics

As a full-time employee I was responsible for managing the company's DevOps pipeline, cloud infrastructure, build tooling, and working with engineering teams to create amazing software!


Blackbird is a software and services company that provides marketing tools and transportation solutions for cannabis operators.

When Roy started at Blackbird we were deploying our codebase to production manually once every two to three months at 2:00am while hyped up on too much coffee. Thanks to the infrastructure, development processes, and DevOps pipeline he built (essentially single-handedly) over the past several years, we now deploy to production multiple times a day with no fear and full confidence in the robustness of our infrastructure.

Roy is a phenomenal communicator, extremely generous with his time helping others, and does a great job teaching fellow devs and non-technical stakeholders about the areas he owns in a way that everybody can easily understand and digest. From playing a leading role in our book club, to sharing his experience and thoughts around effective agile processes and hiring frameworks, Roy is someone who made everyone’s work life better.

- Director of Software Development


Nicole Lindauer

Graphic Design, Logo Development, Web Development, and Branding


Nicole Lindauer is a Somatic Yoga Educator certified through the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training.

I provided graphic design and web development services.