Roy Lindauer

About Me.

I am a husband, corgi dad, software engineer, and an artist. I'm also a DJ from time to time. I have been doing some form of web development since 2004. In the last 18 years I have won awards for graphic and web design. I have my name on a patent for work on a 3D geo-spatial visualization system. I have done backend programming, frontend programming, systems administration, dev+ops. I helped lead the local Linux users group for a couple of years. I have always had a passion for the Internet and consider it to be one of mans greatest evolutions, even though the growing pains around it are quite painful, ultimately I am optimistic. I think Linux is the best. I also think MacOS is the right workstation choice 99% of the time.

My current passions in the web space are in the processes around making software manufacturing better. I love DevOps. It encompasses all of the little geeky things I find joy in such as project management, process development, build automation, the cloud, programming, and working with people to make cool shit.

My other passions are in the arts. I am re-learning how to be an artist. Currently I am eating humble pie and learning some fundamentals so that I can realize my artistic visions in the way that I want. It's quite fun but also can be challenging. Photography is also something I love. I like, bad photos? Hard to explain. Flaws in photographs are the most interesting thing to me.