Welcome, again, to my development blog

Hello and thank you for checking out my not-a-blog blog. I mostly share tips and how-to's about web development, Sysadmin/DevOps, and other technical/development things

I have been doing web development professionally for 15 years. In that time I have been a designer, a developer, and a systems administrator. These days I am doing that DevOps thing, trying to understand the _culture_ of DevOps but mostly, in all honesty, I am doing Systems Administration work. It may be fair to say it's more Site Reliabiltiy Engineering than straight up Systems Administration, but whatever, my title is officially "Senior DevOps Engineer" :D

I still have passion for good UI and design aesthetic. I also have strong opinions on the state of the Internet today, and what I consider the loss of creativity online. I mean, really, how many websites all look exactly the same, with exactly the same empty junk food content? You will never believe how many there are, just click here for yet another top N list...

Anyways, I hope that you find something of interest or value here. If not, all good, I sincerelly hope that you find something that sparks interest for you elsewhere. Neocities has some weird shit going on, maybe check them out!

Wait, what?

I have recently migrated most of the articles from my WordPress blog to this site. Everything published before this date has been migrated from my old site.


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