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  • April 14 2024

    Trying to Dispatch Jobs via Tinker with Laravel and SQLite

    In my quest to effectively test Laravel queues and jobs, I've had to navigate through several challenges. Initially, I created a one-off controller action to replay jobs, but the solution was a tad clunky. Next, I attempted to use Laravel's Tinker to interact with my SQLite database, but encountered unexpected I/O errors. Despite a deep dive into the issue and experimenting with different PHP versions, the SQLite errors persisted. Eventually, I decided to switch to MySQL and Docker, which turned out to be an effective solution, finally enabling me to query my database successfully. One key learning from this experience: when using Tinker to dispatch jobs, the appropriate method is to use Bus::dispatch or Queue::push, due to their dependency on garbage collection. All in all, while the journey was filled with obstacles, I'm thrilled to share these insights, with Tinker proving to be an excellent tool for Laravel developers.

  • September 6 2023

    Turbo Will Call Stimulus `connect()` Twice

    When you click a link to return to a page, or use your browsers back button to return to a page Turbo will render a cached preview of the page. It will then fetch an updated version of the page.

  • February 14 2018

    Profiling and Debugging a PHP app with Xdebug and Docker

    I have started using an IDE again (PHPStorm) so that I could debug some applications and do some basic app profiling. I want to use Xdebug to profile my PHP apps. I am using Docker Compose on Windows 10. I have made this very complicated for myself but here we go.

  • January 29 2018

    WP Transients must be used responsibly

    We ran into an interesting issue with WooCommerce at work. First, here is the subject of the support request we got from our hosting provider

  • September 22 2016

    TLS Peer Verification w/PHP 5.6 and WordPress SMTP Email plugin

    We ran into an issue after upgrading from PHP 5.5 to 5.6. We were no longer able to send email via the awesome WordPress SMTP Email plugin. Turns out that PHP 5.6 introduced some enhancements to its OpenSSL implementation. Stream wrappers now verify peer certificates and hostnames by default. This was causing the form submissions on our site to fail. Clearly there are some issues with our Postfix config and certs. While we sort out those issues, we were able to "solve" our immediate problem, and disabled peer verification in the plugin without editing core files. Thankfully the plugin developer included a filter that would allow us to modify the options array that is passed to PHPMailer.

  • February 19 2015

    What to do when your website is hacked/exploited

    So your website has been "hacked"? You load your website in your browser, and are redirected to some spammers website, or maybe you google'd yourself (naughty), and found a few thousand indexed pages for knock off prada gear? Ok, so how do you fix this, and more importantly, how do you learn how they did it so you can defend against it later.

  • July 12 2014

    Trying to Troubleshoot extremely high MySQL CPU Usage

    MySQL CPU usage was spiking upwards of 1000%. Load average was around 50-60. I could not SSH into the machine though, not immediately.

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