What happened to empathy and compassion in the medical industry?

My wife had some irregularities in her blood work so the Dr. had her take a test to see if she has thyroid cancer or not. This Dr. tells my wife that he will get back to her in 2 business days. 4 business days pass so my wife calls and leaves a message. The woman who called her back was rude and impatient. My wife asked, clear as day, if (doctors name) has received her (specific name of the test's) results and if so, could she talk to (doctors name) to discuss the results. This woman said "so like, I have no idea what you are asking about, I don't understand the question". WTF, maybe take a moment and look it up in her file, like, maybe try doing your damn job? Anyways. Finally she gets the assistant on the phone and is like, oh yeah we have the results, starts to read over it the phone, and then says oh never mind we will call you later today to discuss the "interpretation". That was over 24 hours ago. They have to understand how stressful this is, and I would assume that they would be considerate of emotions here. If you cannot commit to following through with a follow up, at the very least call the person back and explain that it is going to be longer (and provide an accurate follow up time). If you have no intention of following up in 2 days, don't promise to do so. Be honest and set realistic expectations for your customers.

I am extremely upset with this MD. I can understand that they are busy, but I do not sympathize. You are in the business of customer service, and especially in a medical field you should have some empathy and compassion for your customers. These are real people with real emotions who are probably feeling vulnerable and scared. To treat them like this, especially when dealing with the big bad "c" word, is unacceptable.


Turns out there is no time for compassion because they don't get paid enough. Wife finally saw the dr today and well, wow. His words: "We are not paid enough from the insurance companies to provide customer service".

// #rant

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