Ugh 2020

I am exhausted. Anxious. Stressed. This year has been a real test and I am done with being tested. The planet spun on and will make another revolution around the sun. For that I am grateful. But good fucking riddance to 2020.

Aside from civilization continuing its collapse under it's own waste and growth, this year was not all bad for me. My meditation and yoga practice is stronger than ever. You should see my Insight Timer metrics lmao! I have taken on and completed a very challenging course that helped (is continuing to help) me work through decades of creative blocks, resulting in me facing some deep fears and deep wounds. A very tough year with some equally tough growth. I am eternally grateful to Blackbird Logistics for being such an upstanding company to work for. Absolute legends in leadership. I was able to connect to a forgotten primal and tribal life by digging in my backyard and feeling the grass beneath my feet. I was fortunate to become much closer to my grandparents, especially with my late grandfather before he passed. My relationship with my wife is stronger than ever. I learned that I want to be much more involved in local/national politics.

Looking back on this year and I think it was clear that while I felt powerless about what was transpiring around the world, I did find that I had power over my own life. I've made the best of it. What else can you do?

What I wouldn't give to spend a day at a hotspring, get a massage, and go to a restaurant though XD


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