A WordPress plugin to assist in theme development.

About the Plugin

Provides debugging information and insight into your WordPress application.

Displays a list of all hooks fired (with arguments passed) on the current page, SQL queries executed, some basic information about PHP and information about the current theme.

The plugin is meant to assist in development of your custom theme and SHOULD NOT BE run in a production environment.

Plugin outputs the following:

  • All actions (and the defined callbacks + arguments) executed on the page (filters are excluded currently)
  • WordPress theme information
  • Some lightweight stats about memory usage and total execution time, plus some basic PHP information
  • All SQL Queries executed on the page

The plugin admin page. It lists all of the reports that have been collected.

The action debugger. This will show all of the actions that were executed in the order they were called. It will list the arguments passed as well as a list of the defined callbacks organized by their priority.

Basic theme and PHP information.

List of all SQL queries executed.


For support on this plugin please leave a comment here, or open a support issue at the plugin page on WordPress.org.