Roy Lindauer

phone: +1 775 343 9649 email: Reno NV

Awards, Certifications, & Patents


I have received high accolades for creative design and development excellence including a W3 Award, a National Headliner Award, American Graphic Design Award, and two Creative Summit International Awards.


  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
  • Optimizely Platform Certified


I am a patent holder and co-inventor of new software interfaces and tools for various production-stage Autodesk software packages.

US20090094556 A1 04-09-2009
User defined scenarios in a three dimensional geo-spatial system

Work History

Senior Devops Engineer —Blackbird Logistics,

  • By implementing a modern CI/CD pipeline, championing continous delivery engineering practices, and migrating to container based services, we have gone from high-risk 30+ hour deploys, to low-risk 1 hour deploys. Deploys now occur several times a day, with regular 1-2 week releases of new features
  • Created systems that enable engineers to test and develop on production like environments locally
  • Migrated entire service infrastructure to a new provider (AWS) and into a container based environment with minimal disruption and nearly zero downtime (we did run scheduled maintenance to move the databases so some services were offline during that time)
  • Developed build tools that are both used by the engineering team and the CI/CD pipeline
  • Developed build tools that allow engineers to build and deploy production quality images from their workstations

Senior Web Developer — Noble Studios,

I wore many hats at this digital marketing agency. Primarily I was a senior web developer, and it had been my responsibility to lead and mentor the engineering team, develop and manage development processes, work with each department to ensure projects are well scoped, estimated, and architected, as well as writing code for many types of web projects. In my time here I learned the value of communication, and of being empathetic towards our clients needs and wants, as well as the needs and wants of my team and company. I learned patience under fire, and to keep a cool head when things go poorly.


  • Architect. Responsible for creating accureate project estimates, developing project scopes, and developing the overall architecture for large DMO, ecommerce, and marketing web projects. Supporting the sales team through research and planning. Supporting the project management team by helping clarify scope, running sprint planning meetings, and managing the backlog. Mentoring the engineering team. Creating accurate data models, specifications, and other related technical documents.
  • Systems Administration. Managed Chef Server, developed custom Chef cookbooks, managed marketing web hosting infrastructure for large hospital system, ecommerce systems, and international websites on Rackspace and AWS. Implemented continuous integration for web projects. Implemented Vagrant & Docker based development workflows.
  • Developer. Developed custom WordPress plugins to meet HIPAA requirements for storing data at rest. Developed custom WordPress theme framework for rapid theme development. Extensive experience with WordPress, ExpressionEngine, and CraftCMS; Proficient with Drupal 7 & 8, and Magento 1.7.


  • Effectively managed external development team on a high risk Drupal project
  • Developed performance auditing tools to improve our clients web apps and sites
  • Successfully implemented a modern and scalable development process
  • Defined processes and best practices for technical documentation
  • Architected several large Magento, WordPress, and Drupal projects
  • Developed WordPress framework as basis for companies boutique WordPress theme projects
  • Developed internal tool for managing company passwords that integrated into company Active Directory
  • Was brought in to salvage, and eventually to release, an extremely complicated and risky web application
  • Worked directly with clients to develop many successful web apps and web sites

Freelance Developer — 2008-2012

During this time I was cultivating a freelance business, taking on many local and regional businesses. My work centered around boutique web design and custom application development.

I was fortunate to be able to work with:

  • D4 Web Design
  • Endeavor Creative
  • Junkee Clothing Exchange
  • HotShot the Robot
  • Nevada Retirement Planners
  • Nevada Senior Advisors
  • Principa

Partner / Developer — Lab Analytix,

We developed a custom ERP aimed at mining companies to manage the life cycle of testing and storing core samples.


  • Architect of Core ERP system
  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development


  • Prototyped a websocket based system for reading scale data in real time and interfacing with the web app
  • Developed RESTful API for ERP system
  • Developed a "task builder" to allow managers to customize the testing processes for each core sample

Senior Web Developer — Exyst,

  • Responsible for creating custom and unique web designs and implementing those designs using various web framworks and content management systems.
  • Managed production web servers and email servers

Graphic Designer, Web Developer, & Web Designer — Noble Studios,

  • Developed software prototypes using Flash and ActionScript
  • Created award winning design