Dillon Beach

Spent some time at Dillon Beach with my wifes cousins and their SO’s. We had a great time! Such a beautiful area. The wind was brutal for most of the days. I had a goal of catching some epic long exposure sunset/night shots, and I had just bought a Canon 16-35 L II to do so, but failed to acquire ND filters. Ended up using my 24-70 L most of the time.

Washoe Valley

Drove out to Washoe Valley last night with the intention of doing some sunset and star photography. The storm clouds did not go away though, so no stars for me. We did have some dramatic skies, though it was a bit on the dark side.

I love how drastically you can change a mood in a photo by adjusting the temperature of the exposure.

Learned a bit this trip.

  1. Get to the spot early
  2. Really explore the area to find the _right_ composition. I found it right when we were packing up and all the good light had gone.
  3. Bring better shoes
  4. Light painting is fun.