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  • April 2 2024

    Use Ansible to Configure your Workstation

    In this blog post, I share a straightforward way to manage your MacOS workstation using Ansible, based on Jeff Geerling's collection of Ansible roles and collections. After installing the necessary dependencies, such as the Ansible Galaxy mac collection and dotfiles role, you can define the dotfiles you want to symlink, and where to get them, and confogure which packages to install via homebrew. This approach allows you to set up your workstation as code, achieving about 80% of the setup process, with the remaining requiring some manual configuration.

  • March 19 2024

    DevOpsDays LA & SCaLE 21x

    The conference was a real blast, packed with awesome talks, some seriously geeky stuff, and plenty of chances to mingle with vendors, developer relations teams, and other attendees. I picked up some gems along the way, like Paul Tevis dropping knowledge bombs on building a high-trust culture, the ongoing saga of secrets management, and how DevOps is now just part of doing business. I had some great discussions with fellow attendees about the importance of pushing quality checks to the left, and engaged with talks about the value of Open Source projects and their QA game. Oh, and let's not forget diving deep into potential security headaches like typo-squatting in AI and what that could mean for us. These events aren't just about filling our brains with new info; they're about forging real connections beyond our screens.

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