About me


My name is Roy Lindauer. I work and play in Reno NV where I live with my wife Nicole and my dog Olive.

I do _some_ artwork here and there. I love pen & ink, markers, and am very interested in learning watercolor and sumi-e. Lately I am taking a greater interest in photography. I shoot with a Canon T3i.

For many years I helped run an online electronic music radio station called Lunchbox Radio, hosted several live shows a month, and also contributed to the local electronic music scene with flyer design and running a website. Dance music has been a big part of my life. Since 2014 I have been DJing at local clubs on the weekends.

I am a Linux nerd, and am actively learning to become a better one. I use Ubuntu and OS X for my desktops and for development, and CentOS/RHEL on my servers. I was part of the leadership team for the local Reno Linux Users Group (Reno LUG).

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Professional Life

I am a senior web developer at Noble Studios. I have been doing web development & web design professionally since 2004. I focus more on backend web development these days but am fully versed in the entire stack. My day to day revolves around leading project development, working with project and account managers on resource allocation, planning, timelines, and helping develop processes and standards for the engineering department. I am responsible for many of the devops tasks in the company. I am what you would call a “firefighter” (my wife says i’m the Wolf from Pulp Fiction). When the shit hits the fan on projects I am brought in to un-fuck things and get it right.

I enjoy working with WordPress and Drupal. I have a lot of experience with Magento, X-Cart, ExpressionEngine, and CraftCMS.

I really love architecting custom web applications and tools. Many of my favorite projects have been internal tools, such as web based password manager, estimate tracking/development tool, and a tool to help assist in the more manual and tedious QA tasks that we engage with on projects. Custom web dev is super fun and something I really love to do.